Sunday, March 27, 2011

Now and Then

Particularly yesterday, I wished I could transport myself to two other places simultaneously, apart from where I actually was.

To Chini, with my parents.
To Ellery's first birthday celebration, with my chums.

I was happy where I was, but, I would be happier if 'I could transport myself to two other places simultaneously, apart from where I actually was.' Heh.

Before I post about the happy, happy, happy me (with my little family) during the weekends, I would love to post photos of one birthday celebration that Kamal, Khalish, and I were invited to last Aidilfitri (on the same day that we went to Zarul's place, thus the similar clothes - in case you wondered): 

Inas' First Birthday Celebration

Happy belated birthday, Inas!
My phone (the one that was misplaced, and then, stolen) somehow could not receive SMS. I only knew about the invitation to an 'open house' from Facebook, and later, Tiqa's call. Imagine my surprise when the Aidilfitri open house was also a birthday celebration - I was there without any present. So, I owe you one, Inas. Especially after that wonderful wondermilk cuppacake, my favourite.

The birthday girl and her mommy. The girl used to love Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I am not sure what is her favourite song now, which means we must meet soon, chums.

Birthday tiara or birthday angpau?

From left: Di, Lampu (who is also a Di) and her son, me and my son, and Tiqa and her daughter.
Kamal, Khalish, and I had to go back sooner than the others as we had to be back in Rembau that evening.
It was so nice to be where my chums were, be it a brief encounter or a long chat over lunch.

Open House at Yus and Zura's Place

Two weeks later, the same set of chums met again. This time around, at Yus and Zura's place. A cosy lunch was followed by a free and easy day. The ladies had ceaseless chat about every single thing in the universe, the men got to know each other better, and the children made themselves right at home. There was a stretch during which I had to disengage myself from the others because my son cried his heart out as he wanted to be out to a place with escalators, but, in the end, all was well again. 

The photos:

Zura and Mas, and their respective Mini Me. Cuteness.

Tiqa and Di, the ones who were always together that all of us dubbed Di as another mommy to Inas.
What are friends for, eh.

Inas (and her new, gorgeous hair). I do miss the old one though.

Khalish and his best friend, Zura! Lucky you, Khalish, that Ellery was cool about sharing her momma.

Boys and technology. Mirza was solely focused on the recording of his mommy's nursery rhyme rendition while Khalish was kept entertained by Peekaboo Barn.

Girls and fun. Look at Inas. She is so, so, so cute.

Ellery - the one who saved her best smile for her momma.
However, Tiqa and Di surely knew how to steal a smile from her - songs with actions!

The happy, happy, happy bunch.
You could tell that we were about to leave  as I was a mess, no thanks to Khalish's many demands.
Another sign: the bare coffee table.
There were delicate decorative items on the table before the children turned it to their concert stage.

Ellery turned one yesterday. How time flies. So cliche, yet, so true.

My house next time, definitely.


  1. Awwww, all of them are so adorable!!!! :)

  2. Awww, merci beaucoup, La Petite Cherie :)